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Blockchain explorer:

A blockchain explorer is a user-friendly tool that enables users to navigate and inspect transactions on a blockchain network, enhancing transparency and providing valuable insights into the network's activity for improved understanding and analysis

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A cryptocurrency wallet is a tool for storing and managing encrypted currencies, available as software or hardware, allowing users to control private keys and conduct transactions securely.

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Gassless transaction:

Gasless transactions enable users to interact with Ethereum smart contracts without directly paying gas fees, using relayers to cover fees and submit transactions, improving user experience and onboarding to dApps, yet requiring careful design to address centralization and security risks.

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smart contract creator:

A Smart Contract Creator is a tool that simplifies the process of designing and deploying automated contracts on a blockchain. It enables secure and transparent transactions without intermediaries, allowing users to define contract terms, set triggers, and select the blockchain platform.

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cryptocurrency payment gateway:

Cryptocurrency payment gateways help merchants securely accept digital currency payments, bridging traditional finance with crypto. They offer currency conversion, security, and global reach, making them valuable for businesses expanding payment options.

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A blockchain bridge is a tool that connects two different blockchain networks, allowing assets or data to be transferred between them, enhancing interoperability and expanding functionality.

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